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About us – is the biggest totalizer and marketplace in the world where you can trade and buy Counter Strike: Global Offensive items for good prices, it's a unique project which unites all cs fans around the world. gives you the opportunity daily bet profitably on a passing game with your favorite teams:

- the possibility betting up till 5 objects on one game

- maximum price for one object for one bet is 100$

- maximum bet on one game can reach 500$

- appealing design and convenient interface

- all necessary information which helps you to make a good bet

And one more unique possibility of our website is buying and selling CS:GO items! If you do that with it will be easy and fast! Different offers, monthly raffle prizes with minimum prize found of 1000$, regular trading among players - all these and more is available on .

Daily updated news, articles, interviews, we introduce you in the latest news of the CS:GO world. In the Section tournaments you can read on what stage is a game, schedules, net event and of course what teams and roasters will be introduced.

The project is designed with maximum convenience for disability users and for maximum number of users regardless of the technical characteristics of the equipment. gives you the opportunities multiplies your inventory and also profitably sell your winning or exchange with others.