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Blocking bots

Dear users.

Valve has blocked bots from our website for admission/transfer items (Trade Ban). Accordingly, at the moment there is no possibility to enter or withdraw items on our website.

We don't accept any warnings or alerts. Also we failed to achieve any concrete explanation of the situation from the technical Steam support.

Below is a screenshot of communication with technical support from the account of one of our bots.

We also published a full list of our bots to show our customers that the items are in the bots and the administration does not withdraw this items.


Trade Url links to several of our bots to verify the presence of lock:
- Bot 1
- Bot 269

In the near future we plan to rebuild the principle of operation of our website regarding collection/delivery of items and then we going to compensate users lost items.
For this purpose we have registered a new bots, as well as the changes on the website.
The tentative date for the resumption of admission/transfer items is 03.07.2017 (our specialists need time to make changes, and bots need to wait 15 days Steam Guard connection).

At the moment you have the opportunity to bet from items already on the website.
(Fixation and calculation of compensation will be made before starting the update and will take into account past matches).


We are extremely frustrated at the situation and hope for your understanding.

With best regards,