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Copenhagen Games

Tournament info

The Group stage this year will use the GSL group format.

Each group will consist of one high, one mid, one low and one non-seeded team.

Only teams that have signed up and paid can receive a seeding.

 For the first two GSL group rounds, the two best teams in a group will advance to the next round while the rest will enter the B tournament bracket. In the final group stage, the sixteen qualifying teams will be joined by the sixteen invite teams for a final group round. The top two teams of each group will qualify for the final playoff bracket.


16 teams will be invited to the A tournament. These 16 teams won’t play qualifying rounds and will enter the tournament in the third GSL group stage. The 16 invited teams will face off against the 16 qualified teams from the previous rounds.

The invited teams will be notified directly and will be given a deadline to signup and pay for their participation. Should any of the invited teams decline their invitation, the invitation will be passed on to the next team in line.

Prize Money

Total of €26.000

  • 1st  €14,000  –  Bank transfer
  • 2nd  €6,000  –  Bank transfer
  • 3rd €2,500 – Bank transfer
  • 4th  €1,000  –  Cash
  • 5th/6th €750 – Cash
  • 7th/8th  €500  –  Cash

Tournament start

The group stages will begin on Thursday the 2nd of April at 14.00.

All teams are required to be present, ready and set up at least one hour before tournament start.

Playoffs will start the 3th of April (Friday) at 22:00.