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GameAgents League Season 1

In cooperation with hitbox and Xfire and our partner team ( and, GameAgents is pleased to announce first edition of our European CS:GO league called "The GameAgents League". 
As you know, our $500 Balkan Championship is finishing up and we already have something new for you, this time its something bigger. Much bigger.
The tournament system is kindly hosted by, so go there to keep updated on the brackets as and when they get changed!
GameAgents League will contain eight teams separated in two groups, after which we will have 4 teams competing in the playoffs. 
The league starts tomorow (6th of March) and will be played untill the 11th of April when the Grand Final is scheduled.

Groups looks like this:

Group A:
Team Property
Team Orbit

Group B:
Team Dignitas
Copenhagen Wolves
Reason Gaming
No Problem!

The prize pool for this competition is 5000$ and will be distributed like this:
1. 3000$
2. 1000$
3-4. 500$

The planned schedule for the league is:
Group A - 6-8 March
Group B - 17-19 March
Playoff/Grand final - 8-11 April

All matches will be covered by GameAgentsTV, where we also preparing awesome giveaways for you.
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