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Global Offensive Champions League Season 1

An online league hosted by Dreamz Media will feature ten teams competing for a $30,000 prize pool.

Dreamz Media, who are known for hosting multiple seasons of the Dota 2 Champions League, have now come forward with their first iteration of the CS:GO Champions League.

The first season of this league is to take place solely online and it will feature a group stage as well as playoffs; a total of ten invited teams will compete.

Each team will play every other team twice, meaning a total of 18 matches, or nine best-of-two series per team. The 6 top teams from the total 10 will then qualify for the playoffs, which will be held as a double elimination bracket.


DATES -- March 3 to April 30 
10 teams, 1 group, best of two 
- top six teams move on to playoffs 
- 1st and 2nd placed teams start at round 2 of playoffs 
Playoffs, 6 teams, best of three 
- Double elimination bracket 
- Grand finals are best of five, with 1 map advantage