How to bet with VGO skins?

Creating a bet with VGO skins involves the transfer of skins to our bot in a cost indicated for each specific item.

1. Before creating a bet, you should specify the link WAX ExpressTrade Trade Url (not to be confused with the link Trade Url from Steam). Details about how to do this can be found in the appropriate instructions.

2. Select the match you want to bet on. In the block of creation rate, choose the item "Skins VGO". Your inventory will be loaded in the right block.

3. Select the skins you want to bet on the match and the team. Then click on the "let`s bet" button.

4. Wait until the exchange with the bot will be created and press the "Accept exchange" button. We want to note that the exchange is valid for 5 minutes and after this time will be automatically canceled. Also, be sure to check the verification code that is displayed on the site and the one that will be on the website WAX ExpressTrade.

5. On the Express Trade website, please double-check the list of items to be transferred and the verification code. Then click the "Accept" button.

6. Enter the two-factor code of Express Trade.

7. Now the process of creating a bet is completed. Our system will check the status of the exchange in a minute and then confirm the bet.