Update from 30.04.2018
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$3,200 UCC LAN Finals this weekend

Uprise Champions Cup Season 2 LAN Finals with PiTER, ACES, Vega Squadron and USSR will take place May 23rd with $3,200 in the prizepot.


From a 12-team group stage, Uprise Champions Cup has gotten down to four teams qualified for the LAN finals taking place on Saturday, May 23rd in Moscow Cyber Stadium.

Since PiTER topped group A in the online stage, they will be matched up to USSR in the best-of-three semi-final, while ACES came in second to meet Vega Squadron.

You can see the schedule of the single elimination bracket below:


Saturday, May 23rd


10:30  PiTER vs.  USSR BO3
13:45  Vega Squadron  vs.  ACES BO3
16:45 Third-place decider   BO1
18:30 Grand final   BO3


A total of $3,200 will be handed out to the teams, $2,000 of which will be in the prizepot, while the remaining $1,200 will be spread evenly across all teams as travel support:

1. $1,000
2. $700
3. $300

Uprise Champions Cup Finals will be streamed by Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko, who understandably predicted PiTER to come out first as the top side in Russia.


Source: HLTV.org