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99Damage announces $135k purse has announced that it will give away $135,000 across three seasons of Arena and Masters tournaments.

Following up on the success of its $2,500 Arena cups and the $10,000 Masters league, has partnered with Dailymotion once again to take things to a whole new level and enter the group of tournament organisers that are breaking the $100,000 barrier.

Each season will kick off with five $5,000 Arena cups that will continue to use a King of the Hill format, albeit with slight changes as teams secure points per victory and the winner of the last match gets additional points and an invite to the following cup.

Below you can find a graphic that will help you explain the prize and point distribution for the Arena cups:

In the end, the four teams with the most points across all five Arena cups will join four other invited teams in the season finals, called Masters, in which $20,000 will be on offer.

Below you can find a tentative schedule for the three seasons:

Season #1 - April - June 
Season #2 - July - September 
Season #3 - October - December

Meanwhile, 99Damage has announced that it will offer $15,000 ($5,000 per season) in video contests in which the winners will be determined by community vote.