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99Damage Arena #6 teams revealed has revealed the list of participants for the sixth edition of its Arena Cup.


A total of five Arena Cups will be held throughout the current Masters season, each one giving away $5,000 in accordance with a King of the Hill format, in which match winners climp up the ladder to face stronger opponents for better cash prizes.

By participating in the Arena Cups, teams earn points towards a ranking that will determine four of the eight teams who will be taking part in the Masters tournament, in which $20,000 will be on offer.

Below you can find a graphic that will help you explain the prize and point distribution for the Arena cups:

As winner of the previous Arena Cup, PENTA Sports have been invited to take part in this edition, in which they will be joined by KILLERFISH, CPLAY, k1ck and Gamers2. 

The match-ups for the tournament are the following:


Tuesday, April 28
18:00 Match #1  KILLERFISH vs.  CPLAY $500
20:30 Match #2 Winner Match #1 vs.  k1ck
Wednesday, April 29
18:00 Match #3 Winner Match #2 vs.  Gamers2
20:30 Match #4 Winner Match #3 vs.  PENTA Sports