Refill of items PUBG (Update from 02.04.2018)
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99Damage Arena #9 teams revealed has revealed the list of participants for the last Arena Cup of the current season, the ninth overall.

The fifth and last Arena Cup of the season will take place this weekend, with four teams looking to dethrone mousesports, the winner of the last two iterations of this tournament.

A total of $5,000 are up for grabs in each Arena Cup, which also reward the contestants with points towards a ranking that will determine four of the eight teams who will be taking part in the season finals, called Masters, in which a further $20,000 will be on offer. The remaining participants will receive invitations by 99Damage.

Below you can find a graphic that will help you understand the prize and point distribution for the Arena cups:



Challenging mousesports in this 99Damage Arena Cup will be Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg's 1337, Bulgarian giants GPlay, and nerdRage. The match-ups for the tournament are the following:


Saturday, June 6
16:00 Match #1 vs.  nerdRage $500
19:00 Match #2 Winner Match #1 vs.  GPlay
Sunday, June 7
16:00 Match #3 Winner Match #2 vs.  1337
19:00 Match #4 Winner Match #3 vs.  mousesports