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AGENT seek organisation

Norwegian team AGENT have announced that they are looking for an organisation to sponsor them ahead of their plans to attend future events such as the DreamHack Summer qualifiers.


AGENT gained some notice outside of the Norwegian scene when they became the first Norwegian team to take a map off fellow country juggernaughts LGB eSports in March. The victory occurred in the Telenor League, one of Norway's main national leagues.


The young team—which includes three seventeen-year-old players—is also active in CEVO Main, Altibox league (another large Norwegian league) and recently took part in the RGN EU Pro Series qualifiers where the team notably managed to beat Finnish Menace in the lower bracket.


The team are now actively looking for an organisation to represent at upcoming events. AGENT's captain Mikael "ultra" Andersenwanted to stress that despite the team's low median age, their ultimate goals are focused on long-term growth:



"The first thing I had in mind when forming this team was long-term perspective and the dedication that comes with it. With that in mind there were few alternatives within the more experienced player pool that Norway has to offer. Therefore I looked towards players in the minor teams, players that, albeit young and inexperienced, had shown signs of great potential at Norwegian events such as ByLAN.


At first it seemed overly optimistic to acquire three players at the age of 17 with zero international experience, and the road has indeed been bumpy, but we believe we have "cracked the code" and our improvement especially for the past month has been impressive. We now feel comfortable by taking the team to the next level and as such we now look for possible partnerships for the future.


We are currently participating in CEVO Main, Altibox league, Telenor league, and this weekend we will partake in a qualifier for QPAD King of Nordic. We have also signed up for the upcoming season of ESEA league and ESL league, and we plan to make our major offline debut at Dreamhack Summer!" Andersen said.



AGENT's lineup is currently:


 Mikael "ultra" Andersen
 Henrik "neto" Kristengård
 Viktor "Cyph" Johansson
 Endre "phrzer" Solhaug
 Adrian "cynex" Vevletveit 


AGENT sit at 2-0 in CEVO Main with victories over French BeGenius and UK XENEX; the team plan to go to the offline qualifiers for DreamHack Summer as well. They can be reached by email at [email protected] or on their Facebook