Update from 30.04.2018
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AlienTech.Black add riis3d

AlienTech have announced that former k1ck player Bruno "riis3d" Melo has joined the ranks of their Black CS:GO squad.


The Portuguese team have grabbed plenty of headlines in recent weeks following the departure of Ricardo "fox" Pacheco to Team Kinguin and their decision to leave k1ck to join AlienTech.

João "portelito" Portela, who had been brought on to replacePacheco, has now stepped down from the active roster as he could not commit to the hours expected of him due to his job.


riis3d returns to the former k1ck team (photo hltv.org)


Replacing Portela on AlienTech.Black's roster will be Bruno "riis3d" Melo, who recently attended the xfunction Challenger with k1ck's Academy squad. He is no stranger to the team, having played alongside Christopher "mUttt" FernandesJoao "KillDreaM" Ferreiraand Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira in k1ck before stepping down due to personal reasons.


"Everyone knows that I have already played alongside these players and that I had to leave the team due to reasons not related to the game," Melo said in a statement.


"It is always good to play on this level again! I accepted this offer with the motivation to do a good job because we share the same goals and desire to do our best.


"I hope we can achieve our goals because we have the potential to do so!."



AlienTech.Black will make their first appearance with the new roster on Thursday, against Property, in the RGN Pro Series. Their lineup now consists of:


 Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes
 Joao "KillDreaM" Ferreira
 Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira
 Ricardo "AIm" Almeida
 Bruno "riis3d" Melo


Source: HLTV.org