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Atlantis lose CS:GO team

Atlantis eSports have parted ways with their Spanish roster, reportedly due to the team moving to a new organisation.


Atlantis signed the gBots team back in February after they emerged as one of the strongest teams in the Iberian penninsula, and possibly the strongest within Spain.

The team had already been making headlines by thrashing regional rivals x6tence at LVP's Gamergy LAN, and they looked to strengthen their roster by later signing former ASES and Wizards player Aitor "SOKER" Fernández.

Atlantis went on to accrue various online titles and placings:winning the Iberian Cup 2-0 over k1ck, placing second at the xfunction Masters II behind GPlay, and finishing second at the RGN Intercontinental II yet again behind GPlay (and qualifying for the RGN Pro Series as a result).

Offline, the team most notably attended Copenhagen Games, however they only managed to achieve a 17-24th placing.


SOKER's squad have found a new organisation to represent (photo


The Spanish organisation have now revealed that they no longer will represent the team, adding that the new organisation for the ex-Atlantis squad is located "outside our frontiers," implying it is based in another country.

Team captain Alejandro "ALEX" Masanet had this to say:


"Well…Today finishes our time in Atlantis, a club that gave us a lot from the very beginning, specially trust and opportunities. We wish to continue advancing and become professional. Atlantis has given us the perfect push and strength and now we have the motivation to become even bigger. Thanks to Atlantis and Mars Gaming we made a dream come true by travelling to Copenhagen Games which is one of the biggest LAN events nowadays. And thanks to them we could also participate on ESEA and RGN. Thanks to everyone who has been there day by day supporting us and most importantly thanks to Atlantis for making us this big."


Atlantis' statement on the matter:


"Circumstances brought us today to break the relationship with one of our teams but we are extremely proud of the work we have done with them. We have given 100% of our efforts to the CS:GO squad, helping them to take part in every important online league and cup nationally and internationally, and we had no doubts about taking them to CPH Games so they could be known outside of Spain. We have taken care of them and we have given them the repercussion and the place we thought they deserved to have in their country.


We consider our procedures and marketing plan designed for the teams as carefully done from day one and, in this case, until the end. In Atlantis we are looking for profesionalism and a working method that has to flow between the club and the teams in order to advance together. We have made very clear the line we want to follow and we will continue to do the very same with our actual teams or the teams that join us in the future. Best luck to ALEX and his mates!"


The ex-Atlantis roster is currently:


 Francesc "donQ" Savall Garcia
 Alejandro "ALEX" Masanet
 Omar "arki" Chakkor 
 Óscar "mixwell" Cañellas 
 Aitor "SOKER" Fernández