Update from 30.04.2018
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Australia qualify for World Ch'ships

In the Oceanic qualifier for World Championships, Australia beat New Zealand 2-0 in two best-of-threes (de_mirage 16-7, de_cbble 16-11; de_dust2 16-7, de_mirage 16-12) to qualify for the $100,000 finals in Belgrade in October.


This year's competition between nations was expanded to six regions, one of which is also Oceania, consisting of Australia and New Zealand, whose teams battled it out for one of the spots at World Championships.

The system chosen for the Oceanic match-up was three best-of-threes, although in the end Australia took the spot after two comfortable 2-0's.


SPUNJ's Australia secures a World Championships spot (photo hltv.org)


Three different maps were played, as Australia secured both de_mirage battles in each of the best-of-threes, following two strong Counter-Terrorist sides.

Interestingly enough, both squads decided to change some of their lineup, as only Karlo "USTILO" Pivac stayed for both series for Australia and New Zealand swapped Anton "Yung" Eagle for Ryan "zewsy" Palmer.

That means Australia is the first to qualify for the $100,000 finals of World Championships, taking place in Belgrade on October 8-11.