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Casters and schedule for ESEA Season 18 LAN Finals revealed

ESEA have revealed the casters and schedule for their upcoming ESEA Season 18 LAN Finals.

The LAN event, which will be held from April 17-19, will feature 8 teams battling it out for their piece of the $100,000 total prize pool. The exact seeding of both North American and European teams can be found below:


North American seeding:

  1.  United States Cloud9
  2.  United States Luminosity Gaming
  3.  United States Denial eSports
  4.  United States Counter Logic Gaming

European seeding:

  1. Sweden fnatic
  2. Poland
  3. France Titan
  4. Germany mousesports

The casting crew of the LAN finals will include Jason "moses" O'Toole, Anders Blume, Cory "megaman_ts" Gilbert and Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat. They will also be joined by Jack Westerman, who will be hosting the event.

The complete schedule for the event can be found below:




































All matches will be streamed live on ESEA's various channels, which can be found here.

Prize pool distribution:


1st place: $70,000
2nd place: $25,000
3rd place: $15,000
4th place: $10,000
5th place: $7,000
6th place: $7,000
7th place: $5,000
8th place: $5,000