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Casters for APM finals revealed

TaKeTV has announced the talent lineup for the offline finals of the Acer Predator Masters powered by Intel.

The opening season of the Acer Predator Masters will come to a close with the offline finals, which will take place from July 30 to August 2 inside TaKeTV's new studio.

The top eight teams from the round-robin online league will duke it out for the bulk of the $40,000 prize pool, with the winner taking home half of that figure.


TSM are red hot favourites to win the event (photo


Hosting the event will be Richard Lewis, who will be joined by a four-man panel including FACEIT's Dan "ddk" Kapadia and Greatfrag's Rahim Abdullaev. The German commentary will be provided by Fabian 'V3n0m" Doellert and Oliver "kzy" Heck.

Below you can find the comple talent lineup for the Acer Predator Masters finals:

 Richard Lewis - Host

 Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl - Expert
 Henry "HenryG" Greer - Expert

 Dan "ddk" Kapadia - Caster
 Rahim Abdullaev - Caster

The following eight teams will take part in this tournament:

 mousesports  Team SoloMid
 dignitas  SK Gaming
 KILLERFISH  HellRaisers  PENTA Sports


Everyone interested in watching the Acer Predator Masters finals live can purchase spectator tickets for the event at