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CEVO announces Placement groups

The group draw for CEVO S7 Placement tournaments has taken place, with four places in the professional divisions up for grabs.

A total of 32 teams, 16 from Europe and 16 from North America, will be taking part in CEVO's Placement tournaments with hopes of reaching the professional divisions, which will have upwards of $75,000 on the line.

In each region, the Placement tournament will kick off with a round-robin group stage, followed by an eight-team knockout stage that will use a double-elimination format.

The top two sides from each placement tournament will progress to their respective regional professional division, where they will be joined by teams invited by CEVO.

Below you can find the draw in full for the European and the North American placement tournaments:

Group A Group B
 PENTA Sports  Gamers2
 myXMG  x6tence  OnlineBots
 Lions  Caz eSports
Group C Group D
 Flipsid3 Tactics  LGB eSports
 Orbit  3DMAX  Planetkey Dynamics
 Volgare  LDLC White
North America  
Group A Group B
 Area 51  WOOSAH
 HEAT  Fenix Frost
 Immersive eSports  The Flying V
 s6 CEVO-IM Champions  Dethrone
Group C Group D
 Tempo Gaming  Fenix Fire
 Incursion  BOXR
 Backfire  Mostly Harmless
 WinOut  Make War Not Love

The group stage matches will be played on a predefined map in accordance with the following rotation:

Group stage matches will utilize a best-of-one format on a predetermined map with a knife round prior to the start of the match to determine side selection.
North American + European Group Stage Schedule:
  • Round 1 (de_inferno): Sunday, March 22nd & Monday, March 23rd 
  • Round 2 (de_dust2): Tuesday, March 24th & Wednesday, March 25th 
  • Round 3 (de_mirage): Thursday, March 26th & Sunday, March 29th