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CEVO: LGB and Publiclir move on to WB finals

LGB eSports and Publiclir have moved on to the winners' bracket finals of the CEVO Placement EU tournament.

LGB eSports faced 3DMAX in a best-of-three match in round 2 of the winners' bracket. The Finnish teamkicked things off strongly on the first map, de_mirage, by winning 11 rounds on CT side. However, once they moved to T side they were completely shut down by the Norwegian team, who played an incredible CT side to take a 16-13 win. The second map, de_dust2, was a much easier encounter for LGB. This time the Norwegians started on CT side, winning 10 rounds. Once they moved to T side, they snatched complete control of the match and it was not long before they comfortably walked away with a 16-6 victory.

The second match of the winners' bracket round 2 between Publiclir and Penta was not played and the Swedish team was awarded with the default win. LGB and Publiclir will now move on to the winners' bracket finals and their Bo3 duel will determine the first team to qualify for the CEVO Professional division from the EU Placement tournament. The second qualifying team will be the winner of the lower bracket final.

Penta and 3DMAX will now wait for their next opponents in the lower bracket as the first round of it is yet to be played. FlipSid3Gamers2Lions and x6tence will try to fight their way through and challenge Penta and 3DMAX in the next round of lower bracket. Stay tuned to GosuGamers for more information about CS:GO.