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China qualify for World Championships

China have qualified for World Championships 2016 following wins over Mongolia and Singapore in the playoffs of the Asian qualifier.

Over the past month the single spot reserved for Asia at the 2016 World Championships was contested in a double-elimination group stage leading into single-elimination playoffs.

A total of 24 teams were distributed into four seeding pools, the highest of which received invites for the main part of the qualifier - China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.


TyLoo's fancy1 led the way as China have qualified for TWC (photo


The remaining 20 teams played two rounds of qualifiers as Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Mongolia came out on top to join the aforementioned four in the group stage.

China and Indonesia topped their respective groups, while Singapore and Mongolia came second and entered the playoffs bracket. China unsurprisingly ran away with the only Asian spot at TWC following a 2-1 victory over Mongolia and winning 3-0 in the best-of-five grand final with Singapore.


China has now joined Australia in the participants' list for 2016's World Championships. The South American qualifier is currently in the semi-finals stage, where Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru are still in play.