Update from 30.04.2018
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Counter Pit League groups finalised

The inaugural season of the $50,000 Counter Pit League is all set to start as both groups are now complete.


The online qualifier for the Counter Pit League saw mousesports and Gamers2 meet in the grand final for the right to choose the group in which they wanted to play.

The first map of this best-of-three face-off, de_train, was neck-and-neck, with mousesports securing victory in the final round, while on de_cache the German team were in control for most of the game as they ran out 16-10 victors after picking up 13 rounds on the CT side.


mouz picked Group B to play (photo hltv.org)


After carefully analysing their potential opponents, mouz selected Group B, which means they will have to face German rivals PENTA Sports and European heavyweights such as Team SoloMid, EnVyUs and Titan. Gamers2, on the other hand, have been paired with teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, Virtus.pro and Na`Vi.

The Counter Pit League group stage will use a best-of-two round robin format, with the top two finishers from each group advancing to the Upper Bracket semi-finals, while the third and the fourth-placed sides will be placed in the Lower Bracket.

Below you can find the groups in full:


Group A Group B
 FlipSid3 Tactics  HellRaisers
 Ninjas in Pyjamas  EnVyUs
 Virtus.pro  PENTA Sports
 dignitas  Team SoloMid
 Na`Vi  Titan
 Gamers2  mousesports



Source: HLTV.org