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CPH Games group stage #1 over

The first group stage of Copenhagen Games qualifier is now over, as we see 32 teams entering stage two for 16 spots in the main tournament.

Stage one of the Copenhagen Games qualifier came to a close and from 42 teams, the qualifier is narrowed down to 32 entering the second group stage.

All clear favourites ended up in first place, perhaps exept forTobias "Troubley" Tabbert's MnM, who fell short to local talent no_rhythm including known names in Jonas "zanoj" Velling andPeter "xone" Scheel.

In the next stage, 32 teams will battle in eight GSL-type best-of-one groups, starting at 19:00, for 16 spots in the main tournament with all the big names.


You can see what the groups look like below:


Group A Group B Group C Group D
 Sharkgaming  puta  myRevenge  Sapiens
 melty  jQntefabrikkeN  Lucidez  FONA
 malefiQ  Free Transfer  CPLAY  Badger
Group E Group F Group G Group H
 Sespåmermaid  FUGL?  partyastronauts  re:take
 schlaegeros  INSHOCK  no_rhythm  MnM
 Gamers4u  h$fyre  Menace
 Frederiksberg  Blight  Lions  Lemondogs


The second group stage of the qualifier should start momentarily with the initial best-of-one matchups on the front page.