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CPH Games reaches playoffs

All main group stage matches were played out, as we see Copenhagen Games reaching playoffs with the two best teams from each group seeded into the upper bracket, while third and fourth battle it out in the lower.

The main group stage came to a close after five best-of-three matches in each group to determine what seeds the teams would be going into the playoffs with.

In nearly all cases, the favourites managed to prevail and we haven't seen too many surprises in second place deciders either, with one exception in group H, where Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander's CPLAY got the better of FlipSid3.


FlipSid3 will have to show up in better form to beat dignitas photo
























The Ukrainian-Russian team also had problems with the Slovakian lineup from nEophyte, as FlipSid3 closed de_nuke out at 16-13, while they had to come back from a 5-10 deficit after switching to Terrorists on de_inferno.


Below you can see the entire double elimination bracket match-ups in the bracket order:


Upper bracket vs.  Atlantis
 CPLAY vs.  Acer
 Gamers2 vs.  Orbit
 Property vs.  Publiclir
 TSM vs.  Space Soldiers 
 dignitas vs.  FlipSid3
 3DMAX vs.  CPH Wolves
Lower Bracket  
 puta vs.
 Sharkgaming vs.  Lemondogs
 Menace vs.  Badger vs.  FUGL?
 jQntefabrikkeN  vs.  Playing Ducks
 nEophyte vs.  malefiQ
 Games4u vs.  LionsEK
 Reason vs.  schlaegeros


The first round of both brackets is scheduled to begin at 23:00 with the upper bracket played in a best-of-three, while lower bracket teams battle it out in a best-of-one.