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CPH Games stage #1 group draw

Copenhagen Games has revealed more details about the qualifying process for its main CS:GO tournament.

On Thursday, April 2, Copenhagen Games will host the offline qualifiers for its Fona Trust CS:GO tournament, a €26,000 championship featuring 32 teams from across Europe, 16 of whom are invited by the organisers.

A total of 42 teams will be taking part in the qualifiers with hopes of securing one of the 16 places in the CS:GO tournament that are still up for grabs.


xelos' Games4u to take part in CPH Games qualifier photo


The participating sides have been drawn into ten groups of three teams and six groups of two teams, with the top two from each group advancing to the next qualifying stage.

In case of the groups with just two teams, a best-of-three match will be played to determine the seeding going into the next stage.

Below you can find the group draw in full:


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
 TJ'S HELTE  TEMPEST  naptoR.factory  Space Soldiers
 kRoGhs KanonEr  jQntefabrikkeN  HSfyre  FUGL?
Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
 schlaegeros  Sapiens  Lemondogs  MnM Gaming
 Holdet  LOVERBOYS  partyastronauts  no_rhythm
 Frederiksberg  FoxamoX  eSpuma  e9
Group 9 Group 10 Group 11 Group 12
 Team FONA  puta  melty  CPLAY
 malefiQ  MIXERINO  myRevenge  Badger Esports
 DENiED  Free Transfer    
Group 13 Group 14 Group 15 Group 16
 Games4u  INSHOCK  myKPV  Menace
 Lucidez  Sespåmermaid  re:take  Lions