Update from 30.04.2018
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Curse giveaway winners announced

Curse's giveaway of $5,000 worth of skins to mark the launch of their own voice chat software has seen its winners drawn.


Curse partnered with HLTV.org this month in order to celebrate the launch of their own VoIP software, which they promised would be free and revolutionise the way in which voice chat software works in general. Instead of requiring IP, port and password to allow friends to connect to a voice chat, Curse Voice uses a voice chat URL.




To commemorate this launch, Curse promised to give away $5,000 of skins to users of their software over a given weekend. In the original news post on our site, which saw over 4,000 comments total, players were given a chance to enter by including their username and using the VoIP service at least once that weekend.

Skins there were offered included:

  • StatTrak Huntsman Knife Fade Factory New
  • StatTrak Flip Knife Fade Factory New
  • StatTrak Karambit Rust Coat Battle Scarred
  • Bayonet Tiger Tooth Factory New
  • Bayonet Doppler Factory New
  • Karambit Slaughter Minimal Wear
  • Karambit Crimson Web Field Tested
  • Karambit Stained Minimal Wear
  • M9 Bayonet Fade Factory New
  • M9 Bayonet Case Hardened Factory New
  • StatTrak Gut Knife Damascus Steel Factory New
  • Huntsman Knife Crimson Web Minimal Wear
  • Flip Knife Fade Factory New
  • Butterfly Knife Urban Masked Field Tested
  • 5 M4A1-S Hyper Beast Field Tested
  • 5 StatTrak M4A4 Dragon King Field Tested
  • 5 AK-47 Vulcan Field Tested
  • 5 AWP Asiimov Field Tested

Winners were randomly selected from our original news post and will receive confirmation both on HLTV.org (with replies to their comments) and on Curse Voice.

The winners of the competition are listed below:


TyCooper8 boryniek xiarz
borgiii Xphoriah rilmer
LockyRT Ocrok Ravid
IHazumad Sir_Ateritsi MightyFail
soulninja2323 yaners1 milez89
KingAhriman monsterblesser ThePunMan
Tekn1ne Sanberg007 perrykubz
St4nd0ff ThePunMan Mettcat
karnazaaa AlbinoCroc Kingjin44
st0nnec0ld Houleja iBanas
3141Reegar Decoid psaez9



Source: HLTV.org