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Details for Asian Cologne qualifier

The Electronic Sports League has revealed more details about the Asian qualifier for ESL One Cologne.

Earlier in the month, ESL revealed that the upcoming major will feature for the very first time offline qualifiers, in Europe, North America and Asia.

The first qualifier will be the Asian one, which will take place on July 18-19 inside the eCurve shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Eight teams will duke it out in this qualifier for two spots at ESL One Cologne, in late August.


Vox Eminor will take part in the Oceanic pre-qualifier (photo


Seven participants will be determined through preliminary online qualifiers taking place in Asia and in Oceania, while the last team will be selected through an application process for teams from countries and regions without qualifiers.

Below is a list with all the preliminary qualifiers:


  •  Oceania - Two spots
  •  China - One spot
  •  East Asia - One spot
  •  Southeast Asia - One spot
  •  India - One spot
  •  Malaysia - One spot

For more information about each individual preliminary qualifier and also the application process, teams can check out ESL's website

Meanwhile, ESL has revealed that the following eight teams have been invited to compete in the Oceanic pre-qualifier, on June 27-28:

 Vox Eminor  Team Immunity
 Team Exile-5  Avant Garde
 Dire Wolves  Sneaky Assassins
 SubzeroTeam  STREAMLINE