Update from 30.04.2018
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DH Open Summer groups drawn

DreamHack have released the groups for the Open Summer event taking place from June 13-15, as well as the talent lineup and a full schedule.


DreamHack Open Summer is almost upon us, ten days are remaining before the action kicks off in Jönköping, Sweden with eight teams, two of which will come from the BYOC qualifier.

Four have been invited directly for the event, NiP, Natus Vincere, fnatic and Titan, while two had to come from the closed qualifier at the end of May, LGB following a 3-2 win over HellRaisers, and FlipSid3, who came out of a 3-0 victory versus dignitas.

Today teams learned their fate in the $40,000 tournament, as the groups have been drawn as follows:


Group A Group B
 fnatic  NiP
 Titan  Natus Vincere
 LGB  BYOC qualifier
 FlipSid3   BYOC qualifier


The eight teams will battle it out in a GSL group system according to a schedule that has also been revealed in today's announcement:


Saturday, June 13th
17:15  fnatic vs.  LGB A1
18:45  Titan vs.  FlipSid3 A2
19:45 A1 loser vs. A2 loser A3
21:00 A1 winner vs. A2 winner A4
22:15 A3 winner vs. A4 loser  
Sunday, June 14th
17:15  NiP vs.  BYOC #2 B1
18:30  Natus Vincere  vs.  BYOC #1 B2
19:45 B1 loser vs. B2 loser B3
21:00 B1 winner vs. B2 winner B4
22:15 B3 winner vs. B4 loser  
Monday, June 15th
14:00 Semi-final #1    
17:30 Semi-final #2    
21:05 Grand final    


DreamHack also didn't wait to announce the broadcasting talent, which will consist of the RoomOnFire duo, joined by a trio of experts, as well as Richard Lewis as the host of the event and James Duffield as the interviewer:



 Richard Lewis


 James Duffield


 Anders Blume
 Auguste "Semmler" Massonat


 Duncan "Thorin" Shields
 Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson
 Björn "THREAT" Pers


While there is no confirmed list of the BYOC attendees as of yet, dignitas and Acer are expected to be among the participants to try and make it to the main event.


Source: HLTV.org