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DH Open Summer viewer's guide

DreamHack Open Summer is coming up this weekend and we have prepared a viewer's guide where you can find everything you need to know about the event.

Taking place as always in Jönköping, Sweden, DreamHack Open Summer will officially run from June 13-15 and offer $40,000 up for grabs. The start of the tournament's group A will coincide with the BYOC qualifier set to give out two spots for the main event.

Eight teams total will battle it out in the actual tournament, with four specifically invited for the event: NiP, Na`Vi, fnatic and Titan. In addition to the BYOC qualifier, two teams qualified via a closed online qualifier, LGB and FlipSid3.


NiP have two tournaments to compete in over this weekend at DH Summer (photo



The groups for the event are:

Group A Group B
 fnatic  NiP
 Titan  Na`Vi
 LGB  BYOC qualifier
 FlipSid3   BYOC qualifier

The full schedule for DH Open Summer is:

Saturday, June 13th
17:15  fnatic vs.  LGB A1
18:45  Titan vs.  FlipSid3 A2
19:45 A1 loser vs. A2 loser A3
21:00 A1 winner vs. A2 winner A4
22:15 A3 winner vs. A4 loser  
Sunday, June 14th
17:15  NiP vs.  BYOC #2 B1
18:30  Na`Vi vs.  BYOC #1 B2
19:45 B1 loser vs. B2 loser B3
21:00 B1 winner vs. B2 winner B4
22:15 B3 winner vs. B4 loser  
Monday, June 15th
14:00 Semi-final #1    
17:30 Semi-final #2    
21:05 Grand final    

Prize distribution:

1. $20,000
2. $6,000
3-4. $3,000
5-8. $2,000

DreamHack have also prepared an expansive caster's lineup for the event, featuring the RoomOnFire duo, three experts, a host and an interviewer, all of who can be found below.



 Richard Lewis


 Daniel "ddk" Kapadia


 Anders Blume
 Auguste "Semmler" Massonat


 Duncan "Thorin" Shields
 Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson
 Björn "THREAT" Pers


Finally, a regional grand final will also be taking place over the weekend between NiP and Team Acer as part of ESPORTSM 2015. The tournament has already seen its semifinals play out in late May, from which NiP and Acer advanced to the upcoming grand final.

The final will be broadcast on TV 6 and be in Swedish only. The prize-pool breakdown for the tournament is:


1. - 100,000 SEK (~$12,085)
2. - 30,000 SEK (~$3,625)
3-4.  Exertus - 10,000 SEK (~$1,210) 
3-4.  INFINITY - 10,000 SEK (~$1,210) will have up-to-date information about matches in the BYOC qualifier as they arise. The first match of the actual tournament features fnatic vs. LGB and begins at 17:15 on June 13th.