Update from 30.04.2018
Ru Ru

DH Open Tours reaches playoffs

EnVyUs and HellRaisers are the last two teams to reach the playoffs at DreamHack Open Tours.


As expected, EnVyUs were able to finish at the top of their group, but Vincent "Happy" Cervoni's men had to survive a major scare in their first match in Tours as LDLC White took the game to a triple overtime, powered by a great individual display from Antoine "to1nou" Pirard. The DreamHack Winter champions ended up picking up a 25-22 victory to set up a French classic against Titan, who had eased past HellRaisers 16-3 in the opening group match.

de_cache was the battleground for this exciting match, which began at a frantic pace despite the fact that neither side could carve out a significant lead. EnVyUs were able to bring the scoreline to 8-7 in their favour at the end of the half, and once they switched to the CT side they controlled the tempo from start to finish, conceding just two rounds before securing a 16-9 victory.


Titan sent home in the group stage (photo hltv.org)


In the Lower Bracket, LDLC White once again came close to a surprising result but fell at the final hurdle, this time against HellRaisers, who recorded a 16-14 victory to earn a shot at revenge against Titan. This time around, it was the CIS-based side who were the happier of the two as they laboured to a 16-10 win on de_train to advance to the semi-final stage.


Source: HLTV.org