Update from 30.04.2018
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DreamHack Tours viewer's guide


The $40,000 tournament is held at DreamHack's next stop in Tours, France, on May 9th-10th, with eight teams split in two best-of-one GSL-type groups, two of which are yet to come out from the BYOC qualifier.

Group A Group B
 fnatic  EnVyUs
 dignitas  HellRaisers
 FlipSid3 Tactics  Titan
 BYOC qualifier #2  BYOC qualifier #1


Hosting the show on the official DreamHack stream will once again be James Duffield, joined by the RoomOnFire duo of casters, as well as a couple of analysts in the form of Richard Lewis and Duncan "Thorin" Shields.


 James Duffield - Host
 Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat - Caster
 Anders Blume - Caster
 Richard Lewis  - Analyst 
 Duncan "Thorin" Shields - Analyst


Prize distribution:

1. $20,000
2. $6,000
3-4. $3,000
5-8. $2,000

The first day is reserved for the entire group stage, while on day two, Sunday, the whole single elimination best-of-three bracket is to be played out according to the following schedule:


Saturday, May 9th
13:30  dignitas vs.  FlipSid3 BO1 A1
14:30  fnatic vs.  BYOC #2 BO1 A2
15:30 A1 loser vs. A2 loser BO1 A3
16:30 A1 winner vs. A2 winner BO1 A4
17:30 A3 winner vs. A4 loser BO1  
18:30  Titan vs.  HellRaisers BO1 B1
19:30  EnVyUs vs.  BYOC #1 BO1 B2
20:30 B1 loser vs. B2 loser BO1 B3
21:30 B1 winner vs. B2 winner BO1 B4
22:30 B3 winner vs. B4 loser BO1  
Sunday, May 10th
14:00 Semi-final #1   BO3  
17:30 Semi-final #2   BO3  
21:00 Grand final   BO3  


As you can see above, dignitas and FlipSid3 will start off the show with their initial match of group A, set to begin at 13:30.


Source: HLTV.org