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eBettle through to Cologne major

Team eBettle have qualified for ESL One Cologne after seeing off Titan 25-23 on de_train.

The first spot at the Cologne major was contested by the new Titan team, who had eased past Gamers2 and k1ck going into the Upper Bracket final, and Team eBattle, fresh off close victories against Epiphany Bolt and HellRaisers.

Titan came out strongly in the first half and took a 3-0 lead following an outer bombsite push in the pistol round. But then the Frenchmen were left stunned as a series of rounds went eBettle's way following some amazing individual plays by Damian "Furlan" Kislowski and Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny.

It was only when they were down 4-8 that Titan were able to stop eBettle's streak, but the Polish team refused to take their foot off the pedal and brought the scoreline to 10-5 in their favor.


Hyper powers eBettle to Cologne major with 50+ frags (photo


In the second half, Titan were able to close the gap to 8-10 after winning the first three rounds, but then Wolny put his team back in the driving seat with more sick actions. 

eBettle extended their run and took the scoreline to 14-8, but then Titan finally managed to hold back the Poles. A total of seven rounds went the Frenchmen's way, but then the ex-INSHOCK squad crawled their way back into the game and won the final round to take the game to overtime.

After the first two overtimes failed to determine a winner, the second of which saw Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux win a 1vs3 clutch to keep his team in the game, eBettle picked up one round as Terrorists and three as CT to seal a 25-23 win that takes them through to the major.