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EnVyUs handed gaming house boost

EnVyUs' CS:GO team will have a gaming house at its disposal within a fortnight, managing director Mike "Hastro" Rufail has said.

Despite failing to defend in Katowice the major title clinched at DreamHack Winter while representing LDLC, the French team has enjoyed success in EnVyUs, a North America-based organisation that saw in Vincent "Happy" Cervoni's men the perfect opportunity to venture into CS:GO.

In the space of just one week, the team won Gfinity Spring Masters and the StarSeries XII Finals, and it is heavily favoured to scoop the ESL Pro League title next week, in Cologne.


EnVyUs will have their own gaming house photo

 With the summer event season looming, EnVyUs have decided to establish a gaming house for the team, which will serve as a bootcamp place as the players will not be living there full time.