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EnVyUs top Red Group of CCS

EnVyUs have won the Red Group of the CS:GO Championshop Series Kick-Off Season, defeating NiP 2-0 in the final, and they secure $5,000 and a place at the offline finals in DreamHack Bucharest as a result.

With the group draw and format for the CS:GO Chmapionship Series Kick-Off Season having been announced last week, it was this week's turn to see the Red Group (or Group A) playing out to determine a winner.

Yesterday, we saw NiP defeat the Germans of PENTA in two surprisingly close matches while the original EnVyUs vs. match-up saw its share of controversy after nV took map one, went up 7-0 on the second map but were then forced to forfeit the match due to internet issues which they could not resolve in a certain timeframe.

Today started with falling to a strong NiP in the winner's match and EnVyUs emerging over PENTA from the lower final after having to concede defeat due to the aforementioned internet issues from the past day.

Although put up a tough fight in the consolidation match of the Red Group against nV, it was ultimately the Frenchmen who prevailed and moved on to face NiP in the match for winner of the group.

VP could not catch a break today in the CCS Kick-Off Season 


CCS Kick-off Season 1   EnVyUs 2
The final showdown was equally bracing, especially on the second map de_inferno which went into double-overtime and saw a monstrous performance from EnVyUs' team leader Vincent "Happy" Cervoni.

In the end, it would be nV who once again that day clawed their way to a victory, and thus enacted revenge on NiP for their semi-final loss in Katowice only a few days before.

Happy was easily man-of-the-match for nV against NiP 


CCS Kick-off Season
 NiP 0  EnVyUs 2
As a result, nV advanced directly to the offline finals at DreamHack Bucharest scheduled for April 24-26. NiP, VP and PENTA fall into the last-chance tournament where they will be awaiting 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers from the Blue Group.

Since PGL's prize distribution for the $110k CCS Kick-Off Season is also relegated to the regular season and last-chance tournament, three of today's teams walk away with some cash in hand:

1.  EnVyUs - $5,000
2.  NiP - $2,500
3. - $1,000

Information and exact dating for the Blue Group of the CS:GO Championship Series Kick-Off Season is forthcoming, although it is generally assumed to take place next week.