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EnVyUs win IEM Gamescom

EnVyUs win the first Intel Extreme Masters stop for CS:GO at Gamescom with a clean 3-0 sweep over TSM (de_cache 16-3, de_cbble 16-9, de_inferno 16-12).

Yesterday half of the teams exited the competition after losing all their lives, which were CLG, SK and mousesports.

The last day of competition kicked off with a Renegades-TSM match-up, which the Australians went into with only a single life left. The clear favourites sent Renegades out of the tournament following a one-sided de_dust2.

What followed was the expected final between EnVyUs and TSM, and as both teams had three lives left, it basically counted for a full best-of-five.

The first map, de_cache, was very one-sided, thanks to EnVyUs getting a 12-3 Terrorist side, and both the second pistol round and the first gunround as Counter-Terrorists.


EnVyUs take an international title in their debut (photo


de_cbble looked to be very similar, EnVyUs got as much as 11 rounds on the offence, and it even seemed like they would get the second pistol as well, had it not been for René "cajunb" Borg's quad-kill in a 2-on-4. Rounds went back and forth though, which naturally worked better for the Frenchmen, who put TSM on a single life left.

The third map chosen by the members of the audience was a much-anticipated de_inferno, but yet again EnVyUs got a very strong first side 12-3 despite losing the initial pistol. The second pistol went the way of the fresh lineup, and TSM held on for several more rounds afterwards, but in the end EnVyUs closed it out at 16-12.

 Below you can find the full prizepot distribution - apart from the set one, teams also got $500 for each win, as well as each life left (in the case of EnVyUs).

IEM Gamescom final standings:

1.  EnVyUs - $45,500
2.  TSM - $15,500
3.  Renegades - $6,500 (+ $5,000 travel support)
4.  mousesports - $5,500
5.  SK - $4,500
6.  CLG $2,500 (+ $5,000 travel support)