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Epiphany acquire tryPANTS

Epiphany Interactive have acquired the services of Finnish team tryPANTS, one of the country's top teams.


tryPANTS had their offline debut at LanTrek 2015, where they finished third behind rivals 3DMAX (now ex-3DMAX) and Menace.

The team also took first place in ESEA Intermediate Season 18 and the ESEA BenQ Cup. Their results attracted notice as the team has now been picked up by the esports organisation Epiphany Interactive, and will go under the name Epiphany in the future.


SAGGERTON and tryPANTS join Epiphany (photo


Player Jussi "gstus" Perälä shared his opinion on joining the Epiphany organisation:


"Today is the first day in a long time when we have a shirt to put on with our tryPANTS. It’s a truly great feeling to be wearing Epiphany's colors of purple and gold with our pants! The first real test for us wearing Epiphany colors will be the RCTIC games on May 15th – 17th in Helsinki. And we truly want to give results right away! First of all we want to thank Jimmy and all the rest of the Epiphany crew for believing in us and our capability to bring success. We know that we can truly speed up our progress and become a great team with the backing of Epiphany."


Epiphany released their own thoughts on the matter as well, which read:


"We had been looking for a talented CS:GO squad to bolster the Epiphany ranks for a while, but they needed to have the right quality both in and outside of the game. Upon speaking with the tryPANTS guys, we were impressed with the professionalism of this team. With the stability and success the roster has shown over the years, I believe that together we can become the best team in Finland! I promise there will be a lot of action from these guys and top placements."



Epiphany's roster is:


 Eetu "sAw" Saha
 Sami "xseveN" Laasanen
 Saku "SAGGERTON" Jokinen
 Lasse "ZOREE" Uronen
 Jussi "gstus" Perälä


The team will next be seen competing in ESEA Main Season 19 (no doubt with eyes to joining the now more prestigious ESEA Premier league afterward) as well as offline at RCTIC Päivä on May 15-16.