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ESEA unveils S19 Premier teams

ESEA has revealed the list of participants for its Season 19 European and North American Premier divisions.


ESEA Season 19 will mark the debut of a Premier division in Europe, while it will be the third season in which the North American region will have this division.

Premier divisions will represent the second tier in ESEA's Counter-Strike system in Europe and North America, directly below the ESL ESEA Pro League, in which $500,000 will be up for grabs in the first two seasons.


HUNDEN's CPH Wolves to take part in ESEA Premier (photo


Teams competing in ESEA Premier will battle for cash prizes and promotion to the top division. More details about the amount of money on offer and the number of promotion slots available will be revealed during the season.

Below you can find the teams that will be taking part in ESEA Season 19's Premier divisions:


European division North American division
 ENCORE  Mostly Harmless
 LGB eSports  WinOUT
 LDLC White  goLLy
 Copenhagen Wolves  The Flying V
 Gamers2  Tempo Gaming
 Property  DISMAY
 k1ck  SKDC
 GPlay  Area51
 Playing Ducks  blitz
 melty  BOOTS 2 ASSES
 x6tence  d e t h r o n e
 CAZ eSports  dvt  Team Animosity
 Lions  nX Gaming
 PiTER  LunatiK
 Team Acer  RapidFire