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ESL ESEA League S1 schedule out

The first season of the ESEA ESL Pro League will come to a close at the offline finals in Cologne, Germany from July 2-5, and a schedule for the event is now available.


The ESL ESEA Pro League debuted earlier this year and promised a total of $1 million in prize money in 2015, spread out across two seasons. The first season, which is nearing the completion of its group stages, will dole out $500,000 and feature offline finals in Cologne, Germany on July 2-5.

Subsequent releases of information revealed that the prize money in each season is equally split between the online and offline portions of the league, meaning that the offline finals will have $250,000 at stake for attending teams.


European and North American teams alike will clash at the ESL ESEA Pro League finals (photo


The top four teams from the European division and the top four teams from the North American division will spar at these offline finals. ESL have now released more information concerning the format, schedule and ticketing options for the event.

The event is split into two stages. The first stage will feature a double elimination, best-of-one group stage in which the top three teams in each group (meaning there will be two groups) advance to the second stage.

The first-placed team in each group automatically advances to the semifinals whereas the other teams advance to the quarter-finals. All matches from the quarter-finals upwards will be best-of-three, with a best-of-five format grand final.

ESL also promises to host "showmatches" at the event although the content of these matches has so far been unspecified.

The full schedule is as follows:


Thursday, July 2nd:

  • 11:00 - Doors Open
  • 11:45 - Show Start
    • Group A Match 1
    • Group A Match 2
    • Group B Match 1
    • Group B Match 2
    • Group A Winner Match
    • Group A Elimination Match
    • Group B Winner Match
    • Group B Elimination Match


Friday, July 3rd:

  • 14:00 - Doors Open
  • 14:45 - Show Start
    • Showmatch
    • Quarter-final #1
    • Quarter-final #2


Saturday, July 4th:

  • 14:00 - Doors Open
  • 14:45 - Show Start
    • Showmatch
    • Semifinal #1
    • Semifinal #2


Sunday, July 5th:

  • 15:30 - Doors Open
  • 16:15 - Show Start
    • Showmatch
    • Grand Final

Potential attendees can find all available tickets for attending the event at the bottom of this page.