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ESL One Cologne pre-qual. #2 over

The second and last European online pre-qualifier for ESL One Cologne has ended, with Kinguin, Rock, KILLERFISH, Epiphany, Gamers2, LGB eSports, and [email protected]@[email protected] all earning spots at the offline qualifier.

The second European online pre-qualifier gathered 545 teams who fought over seven final slots to the 16-team offline qualifier on July 25-26, from where four European teams advance to the major itself, taking place in Cologne on August 20-23.

The first online pre-qualifier featured over 300 teams and gave four teams slots to the offline qualifier, yet the second pre-qualifier marshalled far more due to the extra amount of slots. A round of 1024, best-of-one single elimination bracket switched to double-elimination mode once the round of 32 was reached.


Kinguin were quick to qualify in the second pre-qualifier (photo


The first four teams to qualify via the upper bracket were Kinguin, KILLERFISH, Rock and Epiphany (the ex-tryPANTS team).

The next day saw three more spots up for grabs with many known teams still in contention such as LGB, LDLC Blue, Epsilon, nEophyte, Gamers2, Reason, and many more.

The first two teams to qualify from the lower bracket were Gamers2 and LGB, who both defeated majority Spanish teams in order to advance to the offline qualifier.

The final game pitted these Spanish teams against each other and in the end it was [email protected]@[email protected], a mix including Spanish players such as Xavi "Aguila" Casals Sabi along with former k1ck Portugese players such as Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes, who defeated the all-Spanish Epsilon 16-13 on de_inferno.

Therefore, today's qualified teams join the four teams who qualified via the first pre-qualifier as well as five seeded teams, meaning the final list for the offline qualifier appears as follows:


Invited Pre-qualifier #1 Pre-qualifier#2
 dignitas  INSHOCK  Kinguin
 HellRaisers  ENCORE  Rock
 PENTA Sports  1337  Epiphany
 FlipSid3 Tactics    Gamers2
     LGB eSports 
     [email protected]@[email protected]