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ESL Open League sign-ups open

The first season of ESL Open League has seen nearly 500 teams trying to get a hold of one of the eight spots of ESL Major League, which is connected to ESL Pro League with sixteen of the best teams in Europe.

The summer season is knocking on the doors, and teams are now allowed to sign up for ESL Open League until May 4th, as the league starts on May 5th.

ESL asked for feedback from all the teams attending the league, and based on that they decided to feature best-of-threes in the group stage for the Summer season. 



  • Start date: May 5th
  • Check-in: May 1st, 12:00
  • Late sign up: May 2nd, 12:00
  • Check in/Late sign up ends: May 4th, 12:00


We will keep you up-to-date on ESL's Major and Pro League as well once we get a hold of more information on the matter.