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ex-Orbit announce disbandment

All players in ex-Orbit have decided to go their separate ways, Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi has revealed.


Earlier in the week, the Swedish team decided to end their six-month association with Orbit after failing to come to an agreement with the organisation over financial matters.


At the time, Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi revealed that the team had already some offers on the table, so the future seemed bright for the Swedish side, who had finished 9th-12th at Copenhagen Games earlier in the month.


SKYTTEN set to join a new team, according to roque photo



However, Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson has allegedly decided to jump ship after receiving a better offer, which resulted in the disbandment of the team.



"After some time looking around we got some really promising offers, but then something happened in the team, two players decided to leave because one got a better offer somewhere else, which you will probably find out more about in the upcoming days/weeks," Mourujärvi wrote on Facebook.


"I'm really sad since I felt that we were really good and we had really high potential to become better, our chemistry was great and every time a problem occurred we fixed it.


"I grew a lot with the team and I fought every day to improve. But due to certain circumstances it no longer works anymore.


"I am really disappointed that this happened since I thought we would stay together."



Mourujärvi went on to say that he will take "a small break" from competitive gaming, even though he is willing to listen to offers and remains "110% motivated" to play actively.


The news means that the following players are now free agents:


 Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi
 Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson
 Fredrik "roque" Honak
 Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson
 Max "maxie" Lönnström