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FACEIT League Stage 2 announced

The second tour of the 2015 FACEIT League is ready to begin and qualifiers will determine whether bottom-of-the-group teams from last season will remain or be replaced in the second stage.

It was TSM who beat NiP in the first stage of FACEIT's 2015 League, triumphing in the grand final 2-1 at the organisation's headquarters in London.

The second stage is nearly ready to begin across all three FACEIT regions—North America, Europe and Oceania—however qualifiers will determine whether new teams will join the league or old teams who finished bottom of the table in the last stage will remain.


FACEIT League Stage 2 will see three regions once again battle it out to reach the finals (photo hltv.org)


The bottom two teams in North America and Europe, and the bottom three teams in Oceania, will join teams from the Open Qualifiers (which have already transpired) and several invited teams in a final round of qualification.

The qualifiers will run from May 25-28; the teams involved in each region are listed below:


Europe North America Oceania*
 EnVyUs (bottom two)  SKDC (bottom two)  DireWolves (open quals.)
 LGB (bottom two)  Luminosity (bottom two)  Skyfire (open quals.)
 Vination.Tt (open quals.)  VeloX (open quals.)  Sub Zero (invited)
 CPLAY (open quals.)  Method (open quals.)  SYF GAMING (invited)
 Melty (open quals.)  pMd (open quals.)  HardTruth (invited)
 PiTER (open quals.)  SinisterGG (open quals.)  Dynasty (invited)
 XPC (open quals.)  Immersive (open quals.)  TRS (invited)
 USSR (open quals.)  Braindead (open quals.)  Exile5 (invited)
 LDLC White (invited)  Nihilum (invited)  
 FlipSid3 (invited)  ACE (invited)  
 mousesports (invited)  UBINITED (invited)  
 dignitas (invited)  Keyd Stars (invited)
 GPlay (invited)    
 HellRaisers (invited)    


* Due to Trident and Streamline folding after FACEIT Stage 1, the final bottom three finishing team in Oceania, Avant Garde, will remain in the league.

The second stage of FACEIT League 2015 will resume on Sunday May 31st, and run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday on twitch.tv/faceittv.


Source: HLTV.org