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Fenix GG lose team

The rising North American team, recently invited to the ESL ESEA Pro League, have left their organisation and are now on the lookout for future sponsors.


Late last night, Fenix GG's players (informally known as Fenix Fire to differentiate them from a previous Fenix Frost lineup) indicated that they had left their organisation and were effectively seeking a new team's banners to represent.

The ex-Fenix Fire team were one of North America's premier rising talents as the team made both grand finals of RGN Intercontinentals I & II, won ESEA Main in Season 18 as well as CEVO Main in the previous season, and made it into the CEVO-P Season 7 North American division.

The greatest indication of the team's recent success however has been their invitation into the ESL ESEA Pro league, thereby bypassing the ESEA Premier division. With $500,000 up for grabs in each season, this league promises to make a team's future if they perform well.


The core of Fenix GG at Clutch Con (photo courtesy of CEVO


With such prospects in mind, the team left their current organisation Fenix GG and are now on the hunt for a new organisation.

Player Samuel "SileNt3m" Portillo explained the team's decision to leave Fenix Fire and reflected on their future plans:


"First off, I want to thank the Fenix organization for all the support they've done for us for the past 3 months. When we originally joined them we understood what we got into, we had plans on growing both the team's and organization's brand for the better. With that being said, while in the last couple months the CS:GO scene has grown alot with CEVO-P doing their announcement and ESL ESEA announcing a bigger prize pot, our team has also been improving rapidly.


Over the last two weeks two of our players have decided to quit our jobs and commit full time to stream and practice. We are currently participating in CEVO-Pro / ESL ESEA Pro leagues and have a direct invite to the goRGN NA Pro series. We also plan on playing any online qualifiers for LANs like ESWC coming up shortly."


The ex-Fenix Fire roster is currently:

 Samuel "SileNt3m" Portillo
 Justin "just9n" Ortiz
 Connor "streboR" Roberts
 Zachary "Eley" Stauffer
 Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber

Interested organisations can reach Portillo, who manages the team internally, at [email protected] and through Twitter,@SileNtCSGO.