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First kills Pick'Em - Who to choose?

Day one of ESL One Cologne is over and it's time to make your Pick'Em Challenge day two predictions, so we list list the stats for the remaining players in the category first kills.

The HS% guessing game didn't go too well for most users, and according to unofficial information not even one person in the world guessed all four players correctly - as Stephen "reltuC" Cutler, Dennis "dennis" Edman, Karol "rallen" Rodowicz and Chris "emagine" Rowlands ended up topping their respective groups in that stat.

Day two should involve less blind luck as you have to predict who will have the most first kills, which will also depend on some teams playing two maps. 

What is a first kill?

First kill refers to a first kill of a round, regardless of the player's side. The reason first kills matter is because the team that creates a 5vs4 situation increases its chances of winning the round to around 75%.

The average amout of first kills is 0.10, as there are 10 players at the start of each round, therefore the likelihood of getting the first kill is 1/10.

The task is to guess which player will have the most total first kills in each group tomorrow, but we will list the averages to demostrate which players have shown certain proficiency in this regard throughout their careers.

Without further ado here are the tables with the players' career first kills per round, career succes rate, first kills per round at majors overall and on day one of ESL One Cologne.

Hopefully the above tables will help you who to choose - or at least who not to choose, but remember these are just stats from the past matches, they will not determine the future.

Stay tuned to and make sure to keep a tab open on ourPick'Em Challenge dedicated stats page which will be updated right after each match.