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FlipSid3 to battle fnatic for the final LAN spot

The Ukranian team overcame their fellow countrymen opponents from Natus Vincere and now will face fnatic to determine who will go to CCS offline finals at Bucharest.

FlipSid3 eliminated Natus Vincere  with 3:1 score in a best-of-five series. FlipSid3 opened match by taking a quick win on de_cache with 16-6 where they presented a very strong T side winning it with 12-3. The second map went into Na'Vi's favor with 16-5. This time Zeus and co. showed once again what they are known for, destroying FlipSid3's CT side on de_overpass with 11-4. The crucial map of this series was de_cobblestone, which was back and forth but in the end FlipSid3 came out on the top of it with 16-14 and took a 2-1 lead in this Bo5 match. The next map was de_mirage where B1ad3 and his team has completely shut down Na'Vi's T side, not allowing them to take more than 2 rounds. In the end Na'Vi was 1 round away from the comeback as they had 14-15 score, but FS managed to win the last round of the map for 16-14 and to take 3-1 victory. They will now proceed to play against fnatic for the final CCS LAN spot.


The best-of-five match between FlipSid3 and fnatic is scheduled on April 8th at 18:00 CET. The victor of the final qualifier match will attend the CCS LAN in Bucharest joining Ninjas in PyjamasEnVyUs, and Team Solomid.