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FlipSid3 win CIS Championship

FlipSid3 defeat their regional rivals HellRaisers in both the upper finals and the grand finals at the CIS LAN Championship, taking home $5,000 without dropping a map.

The grand finals for the CIS LAN Championship—taking place offline in Voronezh, Russia from April 17-19—occurred simultaneously with the ESEA Season 18 Grand Finals, with the former focused on determining the best CIS teams in that region.

With $13,000 in total up for grabs, the championship saw eight teams competing for such a distinction. Ultimately however it was the two regarded favourites, FlipSid3 and HellRaisers, who met in the grand finals to fight over first place.

Much like the upper finals, the end result was a fairly rote affair, with moments of close contention on both maps yet with a clear advantage toward the firepower brought to the game by FlipSid3.


s1mple powered FlipSid3 to a win over his former team photo


Led of course by the mad-fragging of Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, de_cbble saw FlipSid3 fight hand-in-hand with HellRaisers for map control on their Terrorist side and then switch to CT and run away with the map, grabbing eight rounds in a row.

de_overpass was the second map and saw another 8:7 half on HR's CT-side, only for FlipSid3 to once again activate an impenetrable defense on their own CT and close out the map 16:10.

FlipSid3 walk away from these offline finals $5000 the richer and with bragging rights in the CIS region, though one team known to our readership ended up missing the championship in the end, e.g. Na'Vi.

The final prize-pool breakdown for the CIS LAN Championship is:

1.  FlipSid3 - $5,000
2.  HellRaisers - $3,000
3.  ACES - $2,000
4.  TEAMSWAGYOLO - $1,000
5-6.  GGWP - $500
5-6.  USSR - $500
7-8.  WEPLAY - $500
7-8.  PiTER - $500