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fnatic, mouz move on in ESEA LB

fnatic and mousesports will go head to head after sending Nihilum and Counter Logic Gaming home after two 2-0 series.


After going down to the lower bracket at the hands of Titan, fnatic had a match-up with Nihilum's new acquisition in their sights to fight for survival in the tournament.


The match went quite expectedly, as fnatic stormed through de_cache 16-5 before closing out the series in two maps on de_inferno, where they had only little more trouble, at 16-10.


mousesports, on the other hand, were expected to go more evenly with arguably North America's strongest side at the moment, Counter Logic Gaming.


de_dust2 saw CLG having problems on their Counter-Terrorist side, as they went over with five rounds only. Despite James "hazed" Cobb's and Peter "ptr" Gurney's heroics in some rounds, they were 0-1 down in the series after a 12-16 scoreline mainly thanks toChris "chrisJ" de Jong's excellent performance.


Once again on the Counter-Terrorist side first, CLG faced even bigger trouble on de_mirage with only two rounds at halftime. mousesports had little work sending CLG home at 16-9, 2-0.


Next up in Dallas, Texas is an all-European upper bracket final with Titan and, scheduled to begin at 03:00.