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fnatic move past CLG in Dallas

fnatic have progressed to the Upper Bracket semi-finals at the ESEA Season 18 global finals following a 2-0 victory over CLG (16-6 on de_mirage and 16-9 on de_cache).


Following Luminosity's 0-2 defeat against Titan in the opening match of the event, the North American community turned to CLG with hopes of watching an upset, but the match went according to script as fnatic ran out 2-0 victors without too much trouble.


The first map of this best-of-three series was de_mirage, where a strong start on the offensive side earned fnatic a commanding 11-4 lead at the break. CLG's reaction in the second half was short lived, as fnatic quickly secured the five rounds they needed to take a 1-0 lead in the series.


reltuC & co drop to the Lower Bracket photo



Next up was de_cache, where fnatic once again came out very strongly, this time securing a 10-5 lead after playing on the defensive side of the map. Peter "ptr" Gurney's men then cut the gap to three rounds to bring the scoreline to 9-12, but fnatic upped the pace and strung four rounds together to send CLG to the Lower Bracket.


Coming up is the match between Copenhagen Games champions and Nihilum Gaming, who were previously known as Denial.