Update from 30.04.2018
Ru Ru

fnatic proceed to fb Masters S4 final

fnatic have just defeated TSM 2-1 (de_mirage 17-19, de_cache 16-8, de_inferno 16-8) to proceed to the fragbite Masters Season 4 Finals grand final.


Once again de_mirage was the map of choice for TSM, this time of course against fnatic, who failed to defend a three-on-three in the initial pistol round following a four-man battle in middle.

TSM got off to a flying start thanks to it and despite losing the first gunround, they replied with the following one and were up 5-2 as Terrorists. In the remainder of the half, both teams split the rounds evenly four for four thanks to brilliant play by Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer for their teams.

A triple kill by the latter helped fnatic even the first map at 9-9 before TSM took over yet again and racked up four rounds in a row when Finn "karrigan" Andersen saved his team from losing a three-on-one versus Kajbjer on the A bombsite.

During one of those four rounds, Rasmussen caught out the bomb after an agressive play in pit and stalled the time enough so that fnatic wouldn't have enough time to plant the bomb anymore. fnatic soon responded with six in a row of their own, with two ecos thrown in and a very unlikely two-on-five defence after getting into the B bombsite.

That took fnatic to two map points, but TSM held on and forced the game into an overtime, where the Danes prevailed yet again thanks to two rounds on both sides for a 19-17 scoreline overall.

de_cache was understandably fnatic's pick, especially as TSM encountered a lot of trouble on it earlier today in their HellRaisers semi-final. While the Danes won the pistol round, they ran into a stack on the B bombsite and fnatic started racking rounds off that.


Questions about olofm's condition affecting his play were all answered today (photo hltv.org)


It was 6-1 in the Swedes' favor when Kajbjer demolished TSM in a two-on-five retake alongside Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, but only a round afterwards the opposing side picked up a round and ended fnatic's seven-round streak.

Only a fast mid takeover from TSM worked out twice, but the third time fnatic were ready for it and defended it for a 11-4 Counter-Terrorist-side score. The second pistol round going in their favor nearly closed map two out, even though TSM held on for a few rounds when they were up against double-digit map points, but fnatic evened the series at 16-8 after all.

The match was to be decided on de_inferno, and it was Kajbjer to kick off the action with three USP headshots in a banana peek to make it 3-0. Solid pushes towards middle from TSM tied the map at 3-3 before fnatic took the reigns once again for 6-3 thanks to two doubles from Kajbjer and Johansson.

Only Andersen's 180-degree double entry at middle yielded a round for the current FACEIT champions in the entirity of the remainder of the first half, fnatic took everything for themselves partially thanks to Johansson's two triples in the following four rounds.

11-4 was the scoreline at halftime right before TSM delayed with a pistol round win and an agressive apartments play, but even with the following two rounds, they couldn't stop fnatic from coming out victorious at 16-8 as fnatic kept breaking TSM's economy.

The action in Stockholm at fragbite Masters Season 4 Finals continues tomorrow with the lower bracket final of domestic rivals HellRaisers and Natus Vincere at 13:00.