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fnatic sweep VP in Gfinity final

fnatic have come through the best-of-five gauntlet with to win the Gfinity Spring Masters II and take home $25,000.

Both teams to make it to the grand final of the Gfinity Spring Masters II in the company's eSports arena in London did so through tightly contested semi-finals over Titan and Na`Vi. After map picks, the best-of-five was chosen in said map order: de_cbble, de_cache, de_dust2, de_mirage and de_overpass.

fnatic started their CT-side on de_cbble and matched on a map both teams are considered superb at playing. Jesper "JW" Wecksell used the AWP with aggressive finesse and helped the Swedish team win key rounds, hitting noscopes and locking down tight angles on key rounds.

With fnatic finishing the half up 11-4, the Poles of needed to win their pistol in order to try and equalise the game early. Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas nearly won a one-versus-three to secure such a result, however fnatic managed to edge out the second pistol round of the map.

Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski breathed some life into his team's sails in the very next round with three important kills with the MAG-7 on B site, giving VP the force-buy round win. 




pronax and his men took the first map despite some hiccups (photo


With the score at 12-7, Robin "flusha" Rönnquist opted to run through connector with three seconds left and fortuitously ran across Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski, somehow winning the round and reversing's streak of rounds. fnatic continued their drive until they scored match point at 15-8.

However, on that very round, 20-year-old Wecksell team-killedFreddy "KRIMZ" Johansson in a two-versus-one, allowing to win the round and stay in the game. On the 26th round, fnatic finally took B site with proper entries and won the first map, 16-10.

With fnatic starting again as CT on de_cache, the Swedish team managed to retake B site after planted the bomb, giving them the early lead. Despite fnatic having gone 0-3 on de_cache at Gfinity, the team got off to a domineering start, going up 10-0 (with Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer not dying a single time with a scoreline of 17-2-0) before called a timeout.

VP forced a round eventually, bringing the score to 12-1. The next round saw a quick execute by the Poles and another round tallied in their favour; and Virtus kept up their small streak by taking the final round of the half, ending it 12-3 in fnatic's advantage.


                                                    olofmeister went 19-2-0 before he finally died on de_cache (photo


Pogorzelski gave early picks on their pistol round, andJarząbkowski secured the round for the Poles by winning a tense one-on-one against Wecksell with both players in the single-digits in terms of HP. brought the score to 12-8, and fnatic answered back in kind with two rounds of their own. Forced to buy and with mostly pistols, VP denied fnatic the match point and stayed in the game at a 14-9 scoreline.

fnatic however opted for a force-buy in the next round and broke VP down with an A-site take; the next round also went in the Swedes' favour and they walked away with a second map win, 16-9 on de_cache.

de_dust2 saw fnatic start CT for a third time, and a sliver of time made their retake and defuse of a bomb planted on A-site a successful one, giving the Swedes their fourth pistol round of the series. seemed to internalise the concept of not letting fnatic get an early lead, and they won the subsequent forced-eco and powered forward to a 7-1 scoreline before fnatic snatched a round. forced overtime on de_dust2 (photo


The Swedes consolidated their defense and picked up two more rounds, forcing to call a pause at 7-4 in their favour. The Poles only managed to string together a 8-7 half in the end. won their CT pistol round and continued to drive forward their advantage on dust2. On the 22nd round, Filip "NEO" Kubskikept Polish endeavours on the map alive with a clutch win.

fnatic rallied despite being down five rounds and took the lead at 14-13. The next round, a sluggish short-A take saw halt fnatic's actions and equalise at 14-14. A repeated attempt to take short by fnatic ended in failure, giving VP the match point.

fnatic refused to give up and they brought the game to overtime, in which they managed to pick up three straight rounds after VP's first round win in overtime, giving them an eventual match point.

In the final round, fnatic pulled off a quick defuse despite holding a seeming advantage and took the third map 19-16.