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fnatic to CCS grand final over NiP

The consolidation final of the CCS Kick-off Season finals in Bucharest, Romania saw NiP vying with fnatic and it was the latter team that succeeded in the end (winning de_mirage 16:6 and de_cbble 16:4).

The final match of the second day of the CCS Kick-off Season finals saw fnatic and NiP playing for the first time in this tournament to determine who would move on to the grand final.

On de_mirage, fnatic paid tribute to their reputation as T-side pistol masters by picking up the first round with ease. After converting the ensuing rounds in their favour, the Swedish squad finally ran into a solid NiP defense and lost the first gun round.

On the sixth round, Robin "flusha" Rönnquist showed some semblance of his old form with a one-on-three clutch to move fnatic ahead 4:2. NiP went for a risky buy the next round (including an Autosniper) but despite early losses, clever flashbang play by Adam "friberg" Friberg gave the Ninjas the counter-round.


pronax's men cruised to victory on de_mirage (photo


Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer began to drive fnatic towards multiple T rounds however, with not much reply from NiP for the rest of the first half. The half finished 10:5 for fnatic.

fnatic also opened up the second half with a pistol win and continued garnering rounds without a strong resistance mounted by NiP as the Swedish-Finnish collective only gained a final round before the map's end; 16:6 for fnatic was the final score.

On de_cbble, fnatic opened up with a pistol win and started to put together a clean sweep of CT rounds, despite recent map updates in the last month that have considerably balanced the map for both sides.


flusha had a big performance on de_cbble (photo


With Rönnquist on a particular hot streak, fnatic managed to pick up seven straight rounds until the eight round when NiP finally opened up the A site. That round was not enough to reverse the acceleration that fnatic had accrued and the Swedes ploughed their way to a 14:1 half.

Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Richard "Xizt" Landström put in two frags apiece on NiP's CT pistol and breathed some life into the team at the beginning of the second half. The first gunround saw fnatic pull off a last-second take on the A site and set the match point for themselves.

NiP tried to mount a last second defense but a great smoke entry and one-on-two clutch by Kajbjer sealed the series for fnatic.

This result means that fnatic move on to the best-of-five grand final tomorrow at 17:00 where they will meet the waiting TSM.