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fnatic win DH Summer over Na`Vi

fnatic won the DreamHack Open Summer 2015 after seeing off Natus Vincere 2-0 (16-9 on de_mirage and 16-14 on de_train).

DreamHack Summer 2015 saw almost a repeat of the previous edition's grand final, but this time around with Na`Vi facing fnatic rather than Ninjas in Pyjamas in the title decider, which had $20,000 on the line.

Going into this match, fnatic knew that this was their title to lose, and the Swedish giants got off to a flying start by winning the first five rounds of the match, as Terrorist. A triple kill from Egor "flamie" Vasilyev while defending the A site then allowed Na`Vi to win their first round, but the CIS team's comeback was short lived as a 1vs2 clutch from Jesper "JW" Wecksell put the Swedes back in the driving seat until the end of the half.

With a 4-11 deficit, Na`Vi knew they had a mountain to climb to turn this game around, but that did not stop them from trying. The first round did go their way, but they were pegged back in the first anti-eco round. The Ukrainian-Russian-Slovakian mixture would go on to win the following round, but it did not take long for fnatic to exert their dominance and pick up the victory.


fnatic add yet another title to their cabinet (photo


Both teams then moved on to de_train, where a 1vs2 clutch by Denis "seized" Kostin inside the inner bombsite gave Na`Vi the first round of the game. fnatic replied back immediately after and even took a 3-1 lead, but the CIS-based side got back into the game and strung a few rounds together. Cheered on by the crowd in Jönköping, fnatic refused to give up and gave a much better account of themselves in the dying stages of the half as they took a narrow 8-7 lead into the break.

Na`Vi then overturned the deficit by winning the first couple of rounds on the CT side, but fnatic, powered by yet another amazing individual performance by Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, showed their dominance in gun play and claimed victory in the final round, like they had done against NiP in the previous match.


DreamHack Summer 2015 final standings:

1.  fnatic - $20,000
2.  Na`Vi - $6,000
3-4.  NiP - $3,000
3-4.  Titan - $3,000
5-8.  FlipSid3 Tactics - $2,000
5-8.  LGB eSports $2,000
5-8.  dignitas - $2,000
5-8.  Team Kinguin - $2,000